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Our frequently asked questions

What is PMB club?
Pay my bills club is an online social networking platform created to pay the bills of daily lucky winners. It is also an NGO that is fully into humanitarian works.
Why PMB club?
PMB club is focusing on the possible means of reducing abject poverty through redistribution of proceeds generated from the playing of various games available on the website. Our main focus is to solve those depressing needs which often lead citizens and most especially, the youths of this great nation into committing crimes.
Is PMB club a betting or lottery platform?
PMB club is not a get rich site neither is it a betting or lottery platform, it is a social networking platform and a foundation created to reduce or if possible eradicate poverty in our society.
If PMB club is not a betting or lottery platform, why does it have some of the attributes of a betting site?
Although, PMB club seems to have some of the attributes of a game site, its objectives are far different from other game sites. The inclusion of games to the platform is to enable us carry out our main objective (which is reducing abject poverty in our society) without lacking the necessary funds to carry out this objective. About 80% of the proceeds generated from the games are used to pay the bills of lucky winners These winners are selected randomly by computer algorithm. PMB club foundation uses 20% plus donated funds to pay the bills of people in the poorest parts of the country who cannot afford 2 square meals per day. Hence, our ideology is completely different from a game site.
As a member of PMB club, what would be my contributions to PMB club foundation?
By making donations ( no amount is too small) and playing the available games on the site, you are directly and indirectly contributing to a better humanity, your donations plus 20% of proceeds generated from the games would be used for humanitarian purposes. .
What are my benefits as a member of PMB club?
Active members with urgent pressing needs can get help through PMB club foundation. All you need to do is make a request with evidence on our social media page, please note that only request seen as relevant and urgent would be considered due to the fact that we get many requests daily.
What do I need to do to become an active member?
Just login to, register, fund your wallet and play the available games on the site daily. Note. The more tickets you buy the more chance you stand to win.
How do I create an account?
Login to, click on register, fill in the form with all required information, upload your profile picture. And finally click "sign up" to create an account. Check your email for verification link, click, it would automatically validate your account. Add your bank account details to your payment profile. This would help us process your earnings whenever you request for withdrawal. Please make sure the bank details provided are correct to avoid delay in cash out.
why demand for bank details?
PMB club maintains the highest standards as regards security and online privacy and ensures that all payments are processed in the shortest possible time, your account details is safe with us and we need it as it is the only means you can receive your cash rewards Note:
PMB club would never ask for your BVN, ATM PIN or other sensitive information to make payments. We would never ask you to PAY to redeem winnings.
How do I know if I have won or lost?
When You Play the games, a unique code will be generated for you for each game. Check the website when the game duration has ended to see if you are a winner. Winners codes will be displayed on the website after the draws has been made.
what do I do if I do not get paid after 2 working days?
Send an email to with your full name, Phone number and email. The particular game you played and the unique code. Our team will get in touch and resolve the issue speedily.
At PMB club, we pay all our winners within 24 hours, however in a situation where by you do not receive your payment; you do not need to worry.
Follow these few steps
      Please ensure you go to the ATM and check your account balance manually, their could be delay or network failure from the bank
      Logon to your dashboard and be sure you initiated a withdrawal and the withdrawal was approved. Be sure you added the correct bank details to your profile, if not make corrections.
If you have carried out these steps and still haven't seen your payment, then contact PMB club through customer care email, phone line or simply chat admin on WhatsApp.
What is PMB club wallet?
PMB wallet is an online repository where the funds you deposit are kept for proper management
How do I Fund my wallet?
Go to the “fund my wallet” menu on your dashboard and click. Choose your means of payment and then follow the steps on the payment gateway