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Our Mission

Pay my bills club is not a get rich quick website, neither is it a “Ponzi” scheme. It is an organization founded with the intent of reducing poverty in Our society by coming to the aid of the needy through charity work and games. It is a platform created to help alleviate the sufferings of the downtrodden and the poor, possibly eradicate poverty in our society and create international tour opportunities for members aspiring to travel outside the country.

It is a social networking platform and an NGO created to help alleviate the sufferings of the downtrodden and the poor, reduce and possibly eradicate poverty in our society.

PMB club ideology is far different from other game sites as its main objective is to reduce the level of abject poverty in our society and help people meet their pressing needs.

Unlike other game site, PMB club is out to pay the bills of lucky winners.

Based on the research carried out by PMB club foundation a non-governmental organization (NGO) we found out that there are instances where thousands of poor people wake up and go to bed with empty stomachs.

Our youths now engage in all manners of crimes just to feed themselves, Students find it difficult to pay simple bills such as transportation bills, handout bills, feeding bills, hostel rent etc, don’t ask “what of their parents” because there are thousands of students paying their school bills by themselves because their parents are financially incapacitated.

There are parents who find it very difficult to feed, pay their house rent and children's school fees etc., to strengthen the point, hunger has led to increase in crimes in our society making a lot of places generally unsafe for citizens.

Pay my bills club is aiming at the possible means of reducing abject poverty through re-distributions of proceeds generated from playing of games. Our main focus is to solve those depressing needs that often lead citizens of this great Nation into committing crimes and suicide.

PMB club came up with the idea of wealth re-distribution through playing of games. We have different games to choose from, examples are SCHOOL FEES, HOUSE RENT, HOLIDAY PACKAGES, BUSINESS FUNDING, PLAY ITEMS, and also FEED THE POOR DONATION.

The feed the poor Donations plus %20 game funds are to be used to help needy members plus people in the poorest parts of the country who find it difficult to feed twice a day, carry out prison visitation, help pay medical bills that are within our reach etc. This is to be done by PMB club foundation with the help of members recommending poor people in their locality to receive help from PMB club foundation.

With as low as #50 Naira you can play PMB club daily games, where an automated raffle draw takes places at a set time of the day for some games, weekly and montly for others. The lucky winners would be rewarded with %80 of the total proceeds, while PMB club foundation team uses %20 of the total proceeds to locate and pay bills of people in the poorest parts of the country who can barely afford 2 square meals per day.

Note that when you play a game and you are not among the lucky winners for that day, don't see it as a waste of time and resources, bear in mind that your efforts has been used to put a smile on someone else's face, Never lose hope, keep playing you could be among the next lucky winners. Active members with urgent pressing needs can get help through PMB club foundation a non-governmental organization. (NGO)